Innovation Way

Tools and methods for innovation consulting

Understand, evaluate and improve the company’s innovation management system (IMS) to innovate more and better.

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Serious Game

Raising awareness and providing training using a tool fun and effective.

MIMS® Assessment

Target needs and build progress plans using an objective tool.


Extend your knowledge with a 360° online training programme.

Consulting & Keynotes

Get support in transforming your offering with international expertise.

Innovation Management System training courses

The IMS expert is a generalist who must be able to address multiple issues in a coherent manner, just as a general medical practitioner is able to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

The training courses shown here focus on the most commonly identified needs of companies wishing to improve their capability to innovate. They are delivered exclusively in-house and can therefore always be adapted and tailored to your needs.

Innovation Way in the world

The ability of companies to innovate is a challenge faced by businesses worldwide. Our tools and services, based on ISO 56000 Series standards, are deployed internationally.

More than 300 games deployed in 5 languages across every continent.

Hundreds of diagnostics performed by our customers every year in French, English and Spanish.

Over 2,500 people trained through the Systematic Innovation Management programme.

Carried out on all continents, in direct contact and through international organisations such as ISO, the United Nations, the African Union, etc.

Training tailored to meet your individual needs and cultural context.

Our clients

A growing number of universities, companies, public organisations, consultancy companies and international organisations are adopting the IMS topic, with many of them utilising our tools. Collectively, we represent a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem. Join the movement!