L’Année de l’Innovation® facilitator certification

L’Année de l’Innovation® is a serious game designed for training purposes. Its full potential can be realised when it is effectively animated. The game is not just a light-hearted diversion; it contains multiple elements that provide access to different levels of reading. The facilitator certification is a training programme that gives participants all the tools they need to exploit the full potential of the game.

Training programme

Day 1, experiencing a workshop as a participant

Innovation, Management and System

  • Examples and definitions according to ISO 56000
  • Introduction to the concept of an Innovation Management System according to ISO 56002
  • Presentation of L’Année de l’Innovation® Serious Game

L’Année de l’Innovation ® Game session

  • Games played by teams of 3 players
  • Setting up and developing an innovation management system
  • Preparing a retrospective

Keys to success in developing an IMS

  • Sharing experience and summing up
  • Keys to the successful development of an IMS by type of company
  • Focus on the type of company that concerns you most (start-up, SME, public organisation or large company)

Day 2, getting ready to facilitate

Origin and founding principles of the Serious Game

  • The relationship between ISO 56002 / ISO 56001 and L’Année de l’Innovation®.
  • Fundamental principles of a successful facilitation

Facilitating a workshop

  • The main stages of a workshop and associated materials
  • Facilitation techniques: developing your posture throughout the workshop
  • Player profiles & extreme scenarios
  • The designer’s secrets

Integrating Serious Games into your service offering

  • Additional game modes
  • Link the game to your service offering or training programme

Training objectives

  1. Discover or perfect the implementation of IMS
  2. Understanding the ISO 56002 / ISO 56001 standard
  3. How to run a game-based training workshop for professionals or students
  4. Integrating Serious Games into your service offering or training programme


All participants are required to complete an assessment questionnaire within 15 days of completing the course. In order to obtain the facilitator’s certificate, a score of at least 80% correct answers must be achieved. The certificate is a mandatory requirement for anyone wishing to run training courses or workshops based on L’Année de l’Innovation® for commercial use.

Price and duration

In-company rate: €4,500 excl tax
Price per session (max 6 participants)
Inter-company rate: €1,200 excl tax
Price per participant
Duration: 2 days


Advisors, consultants, innovation managers and professors wishing to integrate L’Année de l’Innovation® into their service offering or training programme.


General knowledge of innovation management.

Tailor-made training courses

The content will be adjusted to align with the experience of the participants and the context in which the Serious Game is to be deployed.
Let's talk about your training : Our training courses are only available on an in-company basis to ensure the highest level of customisation. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Customer feedback

Many students, teachers, advisors, innovation managers and consultants in France and abroad have agreed to share their experiences with us. Many thanks to all of them!