Training – Combining innovation in European projects

Historically, European programmes have been focused on R&D. However, there has been a shift towards innovation and the notion of impact. These changes are influencing the nature of projects and the way they are structured. This course aims to clarify the terminology and translate it into concrete elements for project leaders and support staff.

Training programme

International context

  • Changes in European Commission requirements
  • Standards development and professionalisation of Innovation Management, ISO 56000 Series
  • The changing nature of innovation

The fundamentals of a successful collaborative innovation project

  • Specific features of innovation
  • Establishing a common langage
  • Validating the shared intent

Ensuring partner alignment

  • ISO 56003 – Innovation partnerships
  • Strategic, capacitive and relational alignments
  • Towards successful responses to calls for projects

Training objectives

  1. Reinforce your theoretical knowledge of the concept of innovation
  2. Discover recent international standards related to innovation management
  3. Acquire operational tools to improve performance in collaborative innovation projects
  4. Boost your chances of success by gaining a better understanding of the concepts of innovation and how they are implemented in European projects (particularly during the application phase).

Price and duration

In-company rate: €1,800 excl tax
Price per session
Duration: 1 day


Advisers and consultants in the field of innovation or financing. Innovation and R&D teams from companies or public organisations.


Knowledge of European project processes.

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