Training – Defining innovation strategies

To engage in a sustainable innovation dynamic, it is essential to clarify the innovation intent, project the desired value, establish roles and responsibilities, and equip oneself with the means to make rational decisions. This training course links all these elements in the development of an innovation strategy.

Training programme

From intent to innovation strategy

  • Differentiating between innovation intent, vision, strategy and policy
  • The components of an innovation strategy
  • Building scenarios
  • Defining and prioritizing areas of opportunity

Developing an innovation strategy

  • Input factors to consider
  • Define the target in terms of value creation
  • Formulating innovation strategy and policy

Implementing the innovation strategy

  • Identify appropriate principles, processes and resources
  • Defining governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Allocating resources

Training objectives

  1. Knowing how to differentiate between innovation intent, vision, strategy and policy in accordance with ISO 56002
  2. Building an innovation strategy tailored to the organization
  3. Establishing the prerequisites for the successful implementation of the innovation strategy

Price and duration

In-company rate: €1,800 excl tax
Price per session
Duration: 1 day


Advisers and consultants in the field of innovation management and business development. Innovation teams and management teams in companies and public organisations.


General knowledge of innovation strategy and management.

Tailor-made training courses

The content can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and context (history of innovation, sector specificity, level of maturity of the system in place, etc.).
Let's talk about your training : Our training courses are only available on an in-company basis to ensure the highest level of customisation. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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