MIMS® Assessment

Evaluating or auditing an organisation's innovation management system is no easy task. You need to know what to look for, be objective and, above all, be able to make operational recommendations to improve the organisation's ability to innovate. The MIMS® Assessment is an evaluation and decision-making tool that allows detailed analysis to be carried out in a minimum of time.

MIMS® - Maturity of the Innovation Management System

MIMS® is an online assessment tool based on 35 questions in 5 levels that measures the maturity of a company’s SMI in less than an hour. Based on ISO 56002, it uses an algorithm that combines more than 2,000 parameters to generate pre-written, editable analysis reports.

MIMS® is the result of a research programme combining our experience in developing assessment tools based on multi-criteria approaches and our in-depth knowledge of ISO 56000 Series. This tool enables consultants to analyse all the practices that impact on an organisation’s ability to innovate.

The use of maturity grids enables a rapid and comprehensive analysis, regardless of the level of practice of the company being analysed and the expertise of the consultant.

Once the assesment is complete, the user has access to written reports that evaluate the performance of the company’s system according to 5 indicators: the ability to generate ideas, to implement them, to create value, to deal with uncertainty and an assessment of the degree of alignment with the standard.

The reports can be set up to include the client’s graphic chart and can be downloaded in .docx format for final customisation before delivery to the audited company.

Jeune femme réalisant un diagnostic de management de système de l'innovation sur pc

Duration of assessment

From 30 minutes (self-assessment) to 2 hours (led by a consultant)


Instant, pre-written, design customizable and editable

Available languages

French, English, Spanish.

How assessments work

MIMS® is a decision support tool designed to improve and speed up SMI audits in companies. The automatically generated reports can be edited, providing advisers and consultants with a solid basis on which to make adjustments before submitting them to the audited company.

Are we talking

A trial is much more informative than a description, so contact us and try out MIMS®!


Business support

Carrying out SMI audits can sometimes lead to the identification of needs that your organisation is not used to meeting. If you do not have the necessary expertise to meet a specific need, we can work alongside you to help your teams develop their skills.


100% made-to-measure assessments

MIMS® is a 35-question framework based on ISO 56002 but, depending on your context, you may wish to customise certain questions or add others. We can use our expertise in tool development to create a 100% customised version of MIMS®.


MIMS® is a subscription-based assessment tool. The various subscription formulas provide access to different levels of customisation to meet the needs of independent consultants, consultancy firms and public support structures.

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*Languages available: French, English, Spanish

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What do users think?

Advisors, consultants, innovation managers and company directors, in France or abroad, many of them have agreed to share their experiences with us. Our warmest thanks to all of them!

They trust us

MIMS® is a decision-making tool whose relevance is complemented by the quality of analysis of the advisers and consultants who use it. Thank you to each of them for taking up the SMI subject and combining their expertise with the power of MIMS®.