Networks and partners

The challenge of changing the way we support innovation transcends borders. To meet the challenges of our century, the systems approach must be widely adopted. Innovation Way is therefore surrounding itself with partners and engaging with the most influential networks to make this transition possible.

Innovation Way in networks

The network approach is at the heart of everything we do. It enables us to leverage and develop our expertise. We are committed to playing an active role in each of them.

Innovation Way partners

We can’t talk about innovation without multiplying perspectives, and our desire to operate in France and internationally requires us to be able to take the cultural factor into account. Partnership dynamics are therefore part of our DNA. We build strong partnerships with brilliant people.

SMI consulting and training



Amplify AB is a Swedish consultancy and training company specialising in developing knowledge and skills for innovation. Amplify’s experts are particularly involved in international standardisation work and have been able to translate the content of ISO 56002 into an online training programme that is both accessible and of a high standard.

We share the belief that innovation management systems need to be mainstreamed throughout the innovation ecosystem. The Année de l’Innovation® Serious Game, the MIMS® Assessment and Amplify’s Systematic Innovation Management programme complement each other perfectly to ensure that companies reach a higher level of maturity and develop the right skills within their teams. We are therefore delighted to offer the French version of the Systematic Innovation Management programme.

Intellectual property and SMI consulting


IMSPP – Innovation Management Standardisation Partnership Programme is a programme of the Beijing Guozhihe Academy of Innovation and Intellectual Property (IIPA). IIPA is an organisation that focuses on the development and promotion of international standards in the field of innovation management and intellectual property. It is a non-profit organisation. It has established global research teams in various fields, including innovation management, intellectual property management, standardisation and evaluation, with the aim of improving the innovation capabilities of enterprises in China. Since its inception, IIPA has assisted nearly 300 Chinese companies.

IIPA is our partner for the deployment of our products in China.

SMI Consulting


MT consulting is an Oman-based consultancy specialising in the development of innovation management systems. We share the belief that the systems approach is useful and necessary for all organisations and in all regions of the world, but also that the cultural context specific to each organisation and territory must be taken into account. MT Consulting therefore relies on our tools and participates in their implementation in North Africa and the Middle East (MENA region).

SMI consulting and training – private and public



Curlabs AB is a Swedish company specialising in the development of innovation management systems and support for the digital transition. The experts at curlabs have particular expertise in the application of ISO 56002 in the public sector.

As an Innovation Way partner, curlabs AB supports the use of our products in Northern Europe and beyond. We also rely on their expertise for public sector assignments and for organising hackathon-type events that respond to strategic challenges and accelerate the development and deployment process.

Consulting and digital platform for Innovation Management



Vianeo and Innovation Way have a lot in common. Like Innovation Way, Vianeo is a French company, born out of research, that prefers to grow “through commercial success” rather than chasing subsidies. Like Innovation Way, Vianeo’s experts believe that innovation needs tools and methods, and that standards can help innovation managers. Their expertise lies in innovation management, i.e. project management and portfolio steering, while we focus on the innovation management system, i.e. the overall organisation of the company.

Our two approaches complement each other perfectly, so it was natural for us to join forces to meet certain customer requirements.

Facilitation and Game Design

France is the showcase for the work of Marie-Lys Errard, whose expertise and talent enable her to translate any content into illustrations that are as educational as they are powerful.

Marie-Lys contributed her expertise to the development of the Année de l’Innovation® Serious Game and continues to be one of our key partners for product development and live illustration services for training courses, workshops and conferences as well as for game design.

Our clients

A growing number of universities, companies, public organisations, consultancy companies and international organisations are adopting the IMS topic, with many of them utilising our tools. Collectively, we represent a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem. Join the movement!