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The training courses presented here provide an overview of our field of intervention. Available exclusively on an in-company basis, they can be adapted to the context of consulting teams, teams and CODIRs within companies, or deployed as part of regional innovation support initiatives.

L’Année de l’Innovation® is a serious game designed for training purposes. Its full potential can be realised when it is effectively animated. The game is not just a light-hearted diversion; it contains multiple elements that provide access to different levels of reading. The facilitator certification is a training programme that gives participants all the tools they need to exploit the full potential of the game.

Historically, European programmes have been focused on R&D. However, there has been a shift towards innovation and the notion of impact. These changes are influencing the nature of projects and the way they are structured. This course aims to clarify the terminology and translate it into concrete elements for project leaders and support staff.

There are numerous attributes that can be associated with innovation, including incremental innovation, disruptive innovation, product innovation, service innovation, process innovation, and so on. Each of these has a different concept behind it, and it is often necessary to know how to navigate between these types of innovation by building portfolios of projects tailored to the innovation strategy. This training is about adapting portfolios while considering the right attributes.

To engage in a sustainable innovation dynamic, it is essential to clarify the innovation intent, project the desired value, establish roles and responsibilities, and equip oneself with the means to make rational decisions. This training course links all these elements in the development of an innovation strategy.

The omnipresence of uncertainty makes the development of innovative projects very challenging. It can then seem even more difficult to establish processes that can be used for a range of very different projects. This course demonstrates how to deal with uncertainty and build adaptable processes. It also makes the link with methods such as Design Thinking and Agile methods.

Start-ups, SMEs, public sector organisations and international companies all have different organisations, ways of working, strategies and ambitions when it comes to innovation. It would therefore be ill-advised for them to implement the same IMS. How should an appropriate IMS be implemented? This is the aim of this training course, which is based in particular on the Serious Game L’Année de l’Innovation®.

Let's talk about your training : Our training courses are only available on an in-company basis to ensure the highest level of customisation. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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