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Business Unit Managers


CEO | Head of Innovation Business Unit

Johan is an innovation engineer and also holds a research master’s degree in Innovation Management.
He has been supporting companies in the field of innovation for more than 10 years. He started his career in a consulting company and then joined a Chamber of Commerce before joining a Research Laboratory in Innovation Management (ERPI – UL). In 2017, he created Innovation Way with the ambition to develop innovation consulting based on tools and methods.
Active member of the ISO TC 279 – Innovation Management committee, he was particularly involved in the drafting of the ISO 56002 – Innovation Management System standard. Johan also represents Innovation Way within the French Association of Innovation Consultants.

Benjamin DETHINE

Head of Digital Transformation Business Unit

After applied studies in electronics, industrial computing and electrotechnics, Benjamin pursued his studies towards innovation with a Master’s degree in Innovation Management and Industrial Design.
Passionate about digital technology and wishing to combine deepening his knowledge and pragmatism, he joined Innovation Way in 2019 to complete a Ph. D. thesis. His research project aims to develop a tool to evaluate and improve the capability of companies to achieve their digital transformation.
Benjamin represents Innovation Way in the ecosystem of support for digital transformation, particularly within CINOV – IT.

The Scientific Experts


Scientific Director

Director of the ENSGSI, Laure has been teaching and conducting research on innovation engineering and the development of decision support tools for more than 20 years. As Scientific Advisor of Innovation Way, she is responsible for ensuring the relevance of the tools and methods offered to our clients.
She is one of the inventors of the “PII – Potential Innovation Index” method used by Innovation Way.
As an active member of the ISO TC 279 committee dedicated to innovation management, she was particularly involved in the drafting of the Technical Report ISO/TR 56004 – Innovation Management Assessment.

Vincent BOLY

Associate Expert

Expert in innovation management, Vincent has been a professor for 20 years after having been a consulting engineer in companies for 10 years.
His research work at the ERPI (University of Lorraine) led to the creation of the innovation capability assessment tool used by Innovation Way.
He is co-author of the book “Ingénierie de l’innovation”, 3rd edition published in 2016 (Hermès-Lavoisier edition).
He has been involved in standardization work since 2010 and has been involved in the development of the FD X50-271 guide dedicated to the implementation of an innovation management system in companies.

Mauricio CAMARGO

Associate Expert

Expert in multi-criteria analysis applied to innovation management, Mauricio is the director of the ERPI laboratory. He started his research career in 2005 after 5 years of support in the development of companies within a professional federation.
His research aims to develop tools to facilitate the collection, processing and interpretation of data in order to facilitate strategic decision-making within the company.
He is co-author of the book “Ingénierie de l’innovation”, 3rd edition published in 2016 (Hermès-Lavoisier edition) and of “Décision technico-économique en conception de produit 2008 (Hermès-Lavoisier edition).

Raphaël BARY

Consultant Researcher

A Professor and researcher within the Research Team on Innovative Processes (ERPI – University of Lorraine), his work and teaching focus on the interpersonal skills of innovators and the managerial methods conducive to creativity and innovation – whether to support teams or individuals. He has been training in creativity and team management for ten years and is also a certified MBTI© practitioner since 2004.
For the past 4 years, he has been leading the 48-hour operation to make Living Ideas©, a creative event designed by ENSGSI and involving more than 1000 participants from all 5 continents.

Laurent DUPONT

Consultant Researcher

Research Engineer at the ERPI laboratory. He is co-founder and scientific leader of the Lorraine Fab Living Lab® (2014) (www.LF2L.fr), an ERPI Laboratory platform dedicated to the prospective evaluation of uses and the acceptability of innovations.
Co-developer of the Lorraine Smart Cities Living Lab project (member of ENoLL since 2010) and the REVES (Ecological Renaissance of Cities) Collaborative Chair (since 2013), he develops and experiments collaborative engineering involving users, companies and territories to meet the challenges related to the transformation of our territories (Smart and sustainable City).


Consultant Researcher

Engineer and doctor in Computer Science, he holds certifications in Agile project management (Scrum Master Certification and Agile Coach).
He worked 8 years in the private sector as a developer and consultant for the integration of ERP software packages in companies and then as a project manager. He then moved on to Research, first at Laval University in Canada and then at the ERPI from 2010.
As a member of the Board of Directors of the French Association of Artificial Intelligence, he conducts research on the integration of the latest advances in artificial intelligence into innovation processes.

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