Serious Game

A game to learn how to develop companies’ capacity to innovate

It is time to take innovation seriously, to evolve your innovation practices, develop an innovation culture and, of course, to accumulate value from your innovations. These are all objectives pursued by the company’s innovation managers and by the consultants appointed to support them.

But where do you start? In what order do you take action? Should you first act on the company’s ability to generate ideas or on its capacity to carry out projects? Should you focus on the commitment of a core group or, on the contrary, seek to involve the whole company? Should we spend months thinking about our strategy or ensure the success of a first project, even if it is not exceptional?

There are many activities that help to develop the capacity to innovate in a company and ISO 56002 – Innovation Management System presents a fairly complete set of them. But who would want to learn about innovation by shutting themselves away in a room reading pages and pages of standards?

L’Année de l’Innovation® is a serious game developed in accordance with ISO 56002. It’s the solution that allows you to train and simulate the impact of each action that you could implement or advise to improve an organisation’s ability to innovate.

Designed by our team of experts in Innovation Management Systems in collaboration with innovation managers, professors in Innovation Management and international consultants, L’Année de l’Innovation® takes up the challenge of offering high-level technical content combined with a fun form.




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