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The Innovation Management System (IMS) is a difficult concept to grasp, as there is no single silver bullet that will work for all companies. Implementing an IMS is a complex and dynamic task that requires a combination of knowledge and practice. Therein lies the secret of the Année de l’Innovation®.

L’Année de l’Innovation®

L’Année de l’Innovation® is a board game that simulates the development of a company’s innovation management system over the course of a year. In the guise of a game, it is a highly effective training tool that guarantees a particularly positive working atmosphere.

L’Année de l’Innovation® was developed in collaboration with innovation managers, professors of innovation management and international consultants. It meets the challenge of combining high-level technical content with an entertaining format.

The depth of this serious game gives access to different reading levels, allowing all participants to acquire knowledge regardless of their initial expertise.

L’Année de l’Innovation® is as effective a tool for training business school, engineering school or MBA students as it is for organising workshops with highly experienced management committees or inter-company training courses.

Personnes jouant au serious game année de l'innovation

Game duration

1h30 to 3h30 of play
For a ½ to 1 day workshop

Number of players

Teams of 1 to 4 players per game
Up to 6 tables per facilitator

Languages and versions

French, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish.

Workshop proceedings

L’Année de l’Innovation® is a serious game dedicated to training, which unfolds its full potential when effectively animated. Innovation Way can provide the facilitation and you can also be trained and certified as a facilitator to use the full potential of the game in workshops that you run yourself. A workshop usually consists of 4 stages.

Let's talk about it

You can’t explain a game… you have to play it! Test it in 1 hour remotely!

Additional game modes [included]

"Improvement" and "Scenario" modes

In addition to the classic approach described above, L’Année de l’Innovaion® can be used to challenge a company’s existing IMS. The facilitator can also create game scenarios to meet specific learning objectives.

Accessories [as per license]

Participant's notebooks

Participants’ notebooks, which contain all the cards of the game on stickers and allow the player to justify his choices during the game, can be used. They help to maintain an ideal level of reflection and are a particularly welcome addition to the game.
The game boxes can contain cards in several languages.

Offers and types of use

L’année de l’Innovation® is a physical board game that you can use as often as you like. It’s a one-off investment, backed by an operating licence that can be adapted to different usage scenarios.

Academic offer

Use for student training (excluding short courses more than 10% based on games)

(Excl. Tax & shipment)

Facilitator certification recommended. See training: Facilitator certification 

Professional offer

Used exclusively for in-house staff training

(Excl. Tax & shipment)

Facilitator certification recommended. See training: Facilitator certification 

Commercial offer

Any commercial use, whether made free or paid for

(Excl. Tax & shipment)

Certification of at least one trainer compulsory with the first purchase (Not included). See training: Facilitator certification

Additional deck of cards in the available language* of your choice: €80 excl. tax/set
Additional participant notebook in the available language* of your choice: €15 excl. tax/set
*Languages available for cards and notebooks: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish

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