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Research expertise at the service of innovation consulting

Created in January 2017, Innovation Way SAS is a spin-off of the ERPI laboratory (Équipe de Recherche sur les Processus Innovatifs) of the University of Lorraine.

For more than 20 years, the laboratory has been convinced that innovation is no coincidence. After auditing hundreds of companies, the ERPI teams have developed a set of tools and methods to facilitate the development of innovation in companies.

Among these tools, a repository of good practices associated with an algorithm makes it possible to evaluate the maturity of the companies’ innovation management system. Based on the work of Laure Morel, Vincent Boly and Mauricio Camargo, this tool shows very significant results. All the companies supported underline the relevance of the approach and see their success rate for innovative projects improve.

Johan Claire was then an innovation advisor for a consular agency. He supports SMEs on a daily basis and notes the effectiveness of using formalized tools to analyze business needs. The use of tools usually allows a more complete analysis and makes the result more audible to SME managers.

In constant contact with many innovation support actors (agencies, clusters, consultants, etc.) in France and abroad through the ISO TC 279 committee, Johan also notices that the support offer for the success of innovative projects is very dense. Many firms offer their help in identifying partners, setting up projects and many are still focusing exclusively on financing innovation. On the other hand, very few offer support for strengthening the innovation management system, which is essential to sustain the company’s innovation dynamic.

Knowing the research of the laboratory, he decided to partner with researchers to enhance the value of their work by offering to innovation consultants tools and methods dedicated to the development of innovation management in companies.

It is 2017, the Innovation Way adventure begins!

In 2019, after 2 years of success, several hundred innovation audits carried out by our clients, Regional Innovation Agencies, consulting firms, consular agencies and professional federations, we are entering a diversification phase. In constant collaboration with research organisations, we are currently developing two similar approaches to develop the ability of SMEs to export and to drive their digital transformation.

The objective is to propose another vision of consultancy
by proposing an offer of support:

Innovation Way was created after 18 months of development, with the support of the University of Lorraine, the SATT Grand Est, the Lorrain Incubator but also many competitiveness clusters and Regional Innovation Agencies.

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