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Some examples of achievements

Use of the PII Assessment

Improve the innovation capability of SMEs

Since May 2017

The innovation capacity assessment tool from Innovation Way is integrated into Luxinnovation’s support offer. Carried out at the beginning of the business support along with a Luxinnovation Consultant, it makes it possible to facilitate the discovery of the company’s operations and to build a customized progress plan.


Support Innovation and Export in SMEs

March 2017

2 days

Innovation and export are often presented as closely linked. During this training, we characterized this link, explained operationally the synergies between the 2 themes and proposed a support approach for SMEs to integrate the export dimension upstream of the development of an innovation.

Use of the PII Assessment

Improving the innovation capacity of SMEs

Since September 2017

The Innovation Way’s innovation capacity assessment tool is integrated into Madeeli’s coaching offer. The assessment is most often used in SMEs of about 100 people and that already have an Innovation Management System base. The assessment is carried out with a Madeeli Consultant, the company manager and innovation or R&D manager. It makes it possible to align their visions of innovation and identify areas of progress for the company.

IIP Assessment & coaching

Develop the capacity to innovate of the different entities of EDF “Grand Est”

November 2017

1 month

The Innovation Way’s innovation capacity assessment tool has been deployed in various EDF “Grand Est” entities. In addition to identifying areas of progress for each entity, this approach has made it possible to share a common reference framework on innovation and to encourage the sharing of good practices among the Group’s entities.


Towards a standard on innovation (ISO 50501)

November 2016

A standard on the implementation of an Innovation Management System is being drafted. After 4 years of work, it should be published in 2018. As a member of the international editorial board, we were able to present the progress of the work to about fifty companies at this conference. A great opportunity to show the meaning of this project, which aims to help SMEs and not to impose anything on them!


Innovation: Methods and good practices in SMEs

April 2017

3 days

This workshop brought together 8 SMEs from different sectors during a collective training day followed by individual coaching sessions. Each company left with a repository of best practices in mind and, above all, a personalized analysis of its own innovation operations.

Use of the PII Assessment

Auditing the innovation processes of Myriagone Conseil’s clients

Since July 2017

The Innovation Way’s innovation capacity assessment tool is integrated into Myriagone Conseil’s coaching offer. Completed by analyses of team profiles and discussions with different people within client companies, the IIP assessment helps to structure particularly qualitative support.

Use of the PII Assessment

Identify the training needs of Innovation Managers

Since July 2017

InnovENT-E is a nationwide program developed within the framework of the Future Investments Program. Its objective is to help SMEs increase their innovation and export skills. The assessment developed by Innovation Way is used to facilitate the creation of personalized training programs for companies.

Training / Consulting

Training of the design office team (confidential subject)

October 2017

1 day

Within the Intellectual Property Master Class program, we intervened with the design office of this SME of 80 people in the health sector.


Intellectual Property, a barrier or driver of SMEs’ capacity to innovate?

October 2017

We presented the partial results of our first SME innovation barometer. This study carried out on 118 SMEs highlighted the level of maturity of SMEs on the theme of Intellectual Property in relation to their overall expertise in innovation processes.


Developing the capacity of your company to expand its internationalization

November 2017

1 day

We intervened during the closing session of the Intellectual Property Master Class 2017 program. Each of the 8 attending companies had benefited from a personalized training program supported by the INPI. During this session, we enabled them to identify potential synergies between their capacity to innovate and their ability to internationalize.


Launch of a Digital Consortium

Since October 2017

Terrasolis’ ambition is to structure, develop and promote the multi functionality of agriculture. This includes multi-actor development projects linked to digital technology. We bring our expertise in leading collaborative construction initiatives to support the development of this young cluster.

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