Innovation Way & ISO

An international framework for Innovation Management

Even before the company was founded in 2017, the founders of Innovation Way were involved in the AFNOR CN INNOV commission and the International Technical Committee ISO TC 279 – Innovation Management.
Created at the end of 2013, ISO TC 279 brings together about 70 experts from 59 countries and aims to develop normative documents on terminology, tools and methods to promote innovation.

Each expert involved in the international committee represents its own national committee. The French committee thus brings together innovation managers from corporations, consultants, researchers and SME representatives.

Laure Morel and Johan Claire have both been part of the delegation representing the French Commission on the international committee for several years.
Laure was particularly involved in the drafting of ISO 56004 – Evaluation of innovation management.
Johan was actively involved in the drafting of ISO 56003 – Innovation Partnership and 56002 – Innovation Management System.

These documents are the outcome of 4 years of work and are the result of a consensus reached with all the experts.
We sometimes hear that it is not possible to “normalize innovation” and we agree!
The documents in which we have participated are called recommendation standards. In other words, they are not intended to be strictly applied and certified. Any company offering to certify a company ISO 56 002 would be committing a form of abuse…
On the other hand, these standards should be considered as guidelines of good practice containing recommendations to support the development of innovation in organizations. Innovation Way can assist you in the discovery and enlightened implementation of these guides!

Main interests of the ISO 56000 Series:

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