Our company

The expertise of research teams to support business growth and development.

Innovation Way SAS was founded in January 2017 and is a spin-off from the University of Lorraine Team for Research into Innovative Processes (UL-ERPI).
We are convinced that nothing happens by accident. Having audited hundreds of companies for more than 20 years, ERPI teams have developed a set of tools and method which facilitate the development of innovation in both small and large businesses. Among these tools a best practice frame of reference, linked to an algorithm makes it possible to asses a company’s innovation potential. The tool is derived from the work of Laure Morel, Vincent Boly and Mauricio Camargo and yields very significant results. All the companies evaluated stress the relevance of the approach and have seen the success rates of their innovative projects rise.

Johan Claire, an innovation adviser within a support structure, accompanies SMEs in their day-to-day business. He believes that a more rigorous and objective support system, less dependant on the adviser’s experience, would lead to better results.

In 2015, Johan and the ERPI team decided to join forces to perfect a tool that would not only assess and improve innovation in companies but would also be useful for advisers and support services.

Innovation Way was born !

Our aim is to propose a different vision of consulting:

Innovation Way was created after 18 months of development, with the support of the University of Lorraine, Regional partners (SATT / Incubateur Lorrain), competitivness clusters and Regional Innovation Agencies.

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